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89° Capitulum Generale Ordinis Carmelitarum Discalceatorum
28th April ­ 18th May 2003

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News Issue no. 19 - 15 May 2003  

This day began with the hour of Morning Prayer, leaving for later on Eucharist with our Bishop Jesús.  [Remember the accent?]  The Iberian Peninsula group was responsible for the chants.   

The first work session was guided by Father Atilio, Bursar General, who offered some lines of reflection on how to face the future in financial matters.  He did this by first illustrating the cost factor in running the general administration, something that includes the important function of sustaining our presences in developing countries.  There the key expense of educating vocations calls for collaboration from all the houses of the Order regardless of their circumscriptions even though some are more or less able to offer help. 

The bishop started Mass at 1:00pm, and stayed afterward for lunch.  He used his homily to express his affection for the Order and for Carmel’s saints.  He commented on some of the thoughts contained in our Chapter Document (i.e., the working paper, since we are still working on our own updated version of it) and in the Pope’s Message to the Chapter through Father Camilo.  He invited us to ongoing service to the Church by offering to a world eager for spiritual encouragement the riches of our charism.  At table a simpatico touch was ice cream popsicles [distinct Americanism] for desert, to celebrate someone’s birthday and the namesday of Father Isidore d’Silva, ever-reliable and self-sacrificing “factotum” of the Rome OCD curial staff.  Ad multos annos. 

The language groups went ahead with proposals for the practical conclusions of the Chapter, as well as the message to the full Carmelite family.  After Evening Prayer and the evening meal Father Bernard Chang of South Korea organized a longish (2 hours’ worth) recreation that enabled various regional groups to “show their stuff,” as it were, by singing, dancing, and delivering some poetry readings.  Father General sang two lovely Basque songs, assisted by Father Rafael Mendoza, the Order’s General Procurator or contact person with the Vatican. [Who knows. . .if all else fails in dialoguing with their pontifical contacts, they could go serenade the Pope!]  Othergroups up on stage were students from the CITeS school, and sisters from the houses that lodge us, either the Company of St. Teresa or the Carmelite Missionaries of Padre Palau.  

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