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89° Capitulum Generale Ordinis Carmelitarum Discalceatorum
28th April ­ 18th May 2003

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Father Francisco Brandle, Provincial of Castile, presided at the morning Eucharist and told the Chapter members to work at communion of spirit, docile to the influence of the Holy Spirit.  After breakfast we returned to the chapel to pray: the prayers, readings and chants were in Latin, Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.  Our petitions aimed at allowing the Crafter of Unity help us to work for the Kingdom with one heart and one mind. 

In the Chapter Hall the pertinent paragraphs of both Constitutions and Norms regarding the functions and election of the General Superior were read out, then the voting began.

The Chapter gave its trust to Father Luis Arostegui whose biography we have already posted on the OCD website.  The Presider of the Assembly (Fr. Camilo Maccise) asked him to affirm his acceptance.  This he did in a humble, simple way by using the classic phrase “counting on your help, I do accept.”  The Te Deum chant was begun and everyone moved in procession to the chapel.  There our newly elected General said a few words, to thank the Chapter for the trust extended to him, and to state his desire to deepen  communion and collaboration between the provinces and the center of the Order. 

At the noon hour we were back at our desks listening to a masterly exposition by the canonist Father Peter Zubieta about the ”Organization of the General Government and the Number of General Definitors.”  He took a historical approach and made some comparisons with structures current in other religious congregations plus our own more recent experience as an Order.  Our Constitutions provide for a minimum of four (4) definitors, but have no upward limit. 

In the afternoon the group learned that the mother of Father Vic Bos (Dutch Province delegate) was near death and that he will have to leave Avila early tomorrow to be with her. 

Linguistic groups convened late in the day to discuss the number of definitors and the criteria for their election.  A plenary session then voted that the number be eight (8).  Then back went the members to their language groups to find names to submit to Father General.  After supper a music group came to sing settings of the poetry of Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross.


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