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89° Capitulum Generale Ordinis Carmelitarum Discalceatorum
28th April ­ 18th May 2003

Information * N. 08 

Definitors of the Discalced Carmelite Order




[Except for the first place on this list, occupied by the Vicar General, the numbering does not indicate any priority or preeminence since all were elected by geographic/linguistic criteria.] 

1.        Father Zdenko Krizic – Vicar General and Definitor in charge of Central & Eastern Europe – was born in Croatia in 1953.  He entered the Order at the age of 16; did studies in Zagreb (then Yugoslavia), Florence and Rome where he obtained the Licentiate in Spirituality.  He has served as Professor of Theology in Zagreb, has published articles on spirituality, been a formator for our religious, and has been superior in various houses of the Order.  He has been Provincial of Croatia two times. 

2.        Father Luigi Gaetani – Definitor for Western Europe – was born in Italy in 1959.  He studied in Naples and Rome where be obtained the Licentiate in Systematic Theology.  He was Professor of Theology in Bari, served as a formator of our religious, was Provincial of the Naples Province, and served as Vice-president of the Italian Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CISM). 

3.        Father Robert Paul – Definitor for Western Europe – was born in Quebec, Canada in 1949.  He studied medicine in Montreal and, after 15 years’ practice as a physician, entered Carmel in the Province of  Avignon-Aquitaine.  He did theology studies in France and spirituality in Rome where he obtained a licentiate.  He has served as superior in several houses and been assistant to the OCD Nuns in Quebec. 

4.        Father Xavier Jaya Raj – Definitor for the Indian Subcontinent – was born in India in 1961.  He studied theology in his native land and also in Rome.  He was superior of the South Kerala Commisariate and President of the Conference of Provincials in India.  Just now he was rector of the house of philosophy of his province. 

5.        Zacharie Igurugwaya – Definitor for Africa – was born in Burundi in 1958 and received his religious formation in the Congo.  He obtained the Licentiate in Theology in Salamanca (Spain).  He has served as formator, superior, professor of Moral Theology, and assistant to the OCD Nuns of the Congo and Cameroon.  He was working on a doctorate in Moral Theology until now.  

6.        Stephen Watson – Definitor for English-speaking Countries – was born in the United States in 1952.  He did his studies in California where he obtained the Licentiate in Theology.  He served as superior and pastor (parish priest) in several places, and also Provincial of the California-Arizona Province.  He did work among university students, engaged in defense of life activities, and gave retreats.  Before going to press he told your scribe he likes to go hiking and horseback riding, having worked for a time “home, home on the range.” 

7.        Father Angelo Madelo – Definitor for East Asia and Oceania – was born in the Philippines in 1954.  He did his theology studies in his native land where he also served as a formator of aspirants to the Order until 1988 when he left to be a missionary in Kuwait.  (He was mistakenly listed as deceased in the First Gulf War while serving in Kuwait.  Some might recall the fervent Masses for the Deceased offered for the repose of his soul[!]).  In 1999 he was elected to the leadership of the Comissariate of the Philippines.  Just now he was superior of the house of studies in Manila. 

8.        Father Nicolas Garcia Rodriguez – Definitor for Latin America – was born in Mexico in 1943.  He studied chemical engineering in Mexico and conducted research projects in several laboratories.  After entering the Order he studied Philosophy in Mexico and Theology in Rome.  He was formator of students in both Mexico and in the OCD International College of Rome.  He has served as Provincial.  Till now he was serving as Director of Novices in his province, the first of the South American provinces of the Order.

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