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89° Capitulum Generale Ordinis Carmelitarum Discalceatorum
28th April ­ 18th May 2003

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Our newly elected Father General presided Saturday’s Eucharist for the Feast of Saints Phillip and James.  The Italian language group provided liturgical planning and singing.  Father Luis underscored the importance for us of the Apostles as we try to be witnesses of the God of life and witnesses of the Resurrection. 

After breakfast the language groups convened to caucus over possible candidates to represent their geographic/linguistic areas on the Definitory.  Thereafter, at a somewhat delayed plenary session, the General Secretary  (Father Silvano Vescovi who seems to thrive on the heavy workload of things like General Chapters) read the pertinent paragraphs of the Constitutions and Norms concerning the election and duties of the Definitors.  Father General, drawing upon suggestions from the language groups, showed a list of candidates who were each voted upon favorably on the first ballot.  Among the eight of them is a historical precedent-setter, viz., Father Zacharie Igurugwaya of Burundi, the first native-born African to become a Definitor.  The biographical sketches of the entire group may be read in another page of our website’s coverage of the 89th General Chapter. 

This evening and tomorrow there are no chapter sessions to allow one and all to rest.  During the rest period, however, Father General will attend the canonization ceremonies conducted by His Holiness John Paul II at Columbus Square in Madrid.  You may rest as well since these news notes will return to the Internet only on Monday.

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