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Meeting of the missionary animators or zealators Amorebieta-Larrea Centre of Spirituality
(Navare Province, Spain)

- February 26 - March 1, 2007 -



By José Antonio Osaba

Larrea: Casa de Epiritualidad


Brief Introduction to the two concepts:


-                 Mission: the universal proclamation of Christ’s message, witness, etc.


NGO’s: groups linked to Civil Society. They are NGOs helping the Development of countries in the South, are non profitmaking and work in contact with groups or entities of the said developing countries.


-                 NGOs and MISSION


Is there a process tosecularize Mission?


-                 A paper from seculars in missionary work.


-                 The place where the NGOs can occupy together with the Congregations, the Church in its missionary work, is as much in the North as in the South.


-                 The credibility of the NGOs, adaptation to the thinking of young people, complimenting missionary work.


-                 Mission and social commitment as a sign of God’s love for Humanity


NGOs and the response to social needs


The limits of the temporary commitment vis a vis the eschatalogicalIntra-history and transcendence.  Do not forget the essential.


- What is the way, what are the marks that identify the NGOs linked to missionary work?

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