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Dámaso Zuazua, ocd, General Secretary for Missions

Meeting of the missionary animators or zealators Amorebieta-Larrea Centre of Spirituality
(Navare Province, Spain)

- February 26 - March 1, 2007 -



( José María Zeberio )

Larrea: Casa de Epiritualidad


Dear friends,


       Under the general title which has been entrusted to me “Mission in an era of Globalization”, I shall endeavour to be as clear as possibile with the information and reflections I am about to present to you.


I will define the principle characteristics of the present Era of Globalization in the political, economical and religious fields, the importance and influence of new technology, as well as the main challenges facing humanity in the XXI century.


At such a meeting on mission and evangelization it seems to me important to reflect on the principle tasks facing religious and evangelizing bodies in the different societies of the world.


Faced with many societies where blood is being shed, I would like to present the work and commitment of those who evangelize the poorest and most abandoned people and the precise preparation and organization they need in order to do this efficiently.



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