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NEWSLETTER    << N°  7 >>   2003.04.15  
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This is the last number of Communicationes before the General Chapter (Avila 28 April - 18 May). During Chapter time Communicationes will be substituted by a web newsletter at the following address:




Notre-Dame de Jerusalem
The Definitory General appointed Fr John Landy, (Regional Vicariate of Australia in the Anglo-Irish Province) as Superior of our Community at Notre-Dame de Jerusalem Centre, and 3rd Councillor of the Israel Delegation.(Sess. 95, 16-12-2002).

Fr General, the Grand Chancellor of the Teresianum, confirmed the appointments made by the Teresianum Faculty Council:
Fr Benito Goya, Navarre Province, Vice-President;
Fr Manuel Diego, Castile Province, in charge of publishing Archivum Bibliographicum Carmeli Teresiani;
Fr Juan Luis Astigarraga, Navarre Province, Director of the magazine Bibliographia Internationalis Spiritualitatis;
Fr Virgilio Pasquetto, Venice Province, Director of the magazine Teresianum;
Fr John Vettamthadathil, Malabar Province, Assistant-Librarian;
(2 Apr. 2003)


The 25th and 26th March saw the planned meeting of the Major Superiors of the Latin American South-Cicla. Attending were Fathers Pierino Orlandino (SE Brazil Semi-Province); Marcos Junchen (S Brazil Semi-Province); Julio González (Vicariate of Chile); Emilio Sánchez (N. Argentina Provincial Delegation); Carmelo Hernández (Provincial Delegation of Uruguay-Paraguay) and Marcos Kepinski (S. Argentina Provincial Delegation). Various points were dealt with, beginning with the election of the Coordinator of the group for this triennium which fell on Fr Carmelo Hernández. The points gone over were: From the Philippines to Avila; the situation of initial training and possible joint meetings; the Spirituality Congress; the Carmelite Family... The exchange was quite enriching and we see that we are progressing along a very positive way of exchange and drawing close to each other. Fr Carmelo Hernández, ocd

Italy ­ Bocca di Magra

The annual meeting for training and updating the Ligurian Carmelite Family was held from the 4th to 6th April 2003 at Bocca di Magra (La Spezia) at Holy Cross Monastery of the Discalced Carmelite friars. The topic of the meeting was: "...and peace to persons of good will". The speaker was Fr PierLuigi Canobbio, Provincial Delegate to the OCDS. The biblical aspects of peace were dealt with, paying special attention to the teaching of our saints with regard to reaching deep peace in the heart, which comes from union with God. The meeting was enriched with times of sharing and prayer. The various lay Carmelite movements of the Province took a reasonable part in it.


For the last time in this sexennium it met in Rome on the 26th March 2003 to examine the 2002 balance sheet, to evaluate the financial profile of the sexennium and to formulate the presentation to be made by the Bursar General at the Avila Chapter.
A wide reflection on every point of the Curia Generalizia's finance let to various concrete proposals to put on a sure footing resources for the institutional functioning provided for in our laws.
This year the contribution from the Provinces due to the Centre of the Order was constant, but not sufficient to cover the demands for certitude in planning expenses.
Also the free offerings from monasteries for the training of students at the Teresianum from the South of the world has diminished yearly, bringing with it further problems for the Bursar.
Many other free offerings have diminished and Italian Post malfunctioned to such an extent that one half of the Christmas mail was lost and often, we believe, also gifts sent by cheque.
Those present praised the effort made to keep under control every aspect of the financing of the General Curia. They took note of the general difficulty encountered presently in many countries. They also drew attention to some setbacks arising from extending help to monasteries and/or Provinces, which went outside the planned budget for the year.
The internal debt of the General House arising from loans to the Common Fund in US dollars and Euros continues to be reduced even in the last year. There are hints of completely cancelling it, but it was not possible, because last year strong preference was given to finishing swiftly the renovations at the Teresianum. Now there remains only the last parcel of work to do: the facade, the chapel, the reception, the crypt, the entrance and the two bridges that pass over the moat.
This year the Commission worked every six months united in seriousness of intent. I wish to express to them heart-felt thanks, also in the name of Fr General for whom the Commission has been an instrument of collaboration.
Fr Attilio Ghisleri -Bursar General

Important note when sending money

In recent months the laws have been tightened regarding sending money in Euro by cheques. From European countries the cheques should be drawn on an Italian bank, to avoid elevated commission rates and to hasten the transfer.
In particular regard to the Vatican I.O.R. this is the way to operate:

1. From Spain or Portugal:
Made out to: Istituto per le Opere di Religione- Città del Vaticano
Account NR: 0049-0158-14051
At the: Banco Santander Central Hispano Americano Madrid
For: Casa generalizia Carmelitani Scalzi.AC. N° 10009014.

2.From France, Belgium and Holland:
Made out to: Istituto Per le Opere di Religione- Città del Vaticano
Account NR: 30004008970000450017226
At: BNP Paribas Parigi
For: Casa Generalizia Carmelitani Scalzi.CC. N° 10009014

3. From Germany, Austria and other North European Countries:
Made out to: Istituto Opere di Religione. Città del Vaticano
Account NR: 100 935424200
At: Deutsche Bank FFT/M
For: Casa Generalizia Carmelitani Scalzi. CC.N°: 10009014

4. Another possibility for other Countries:
Made out to: Istituto per le Opere di Religione. Città del Vaticano
Account NR: 503508 041000978
At: Banco di Lugano - Piazzetta S. Carlo I - 06901 Lugano (Switzerland)
For: Casa Generalizia Carmelitani Scalzi. Account N° 10009014

To send USA dollars:
Made out to: Istituto per le Opere di Religione. Città del Vaticano
Account NR: 001-1-975000
At: JPM Chase Manhattan Bank - New York
For: Casa Generalizia Carmelitani Scalzi. Account N° 10009011

To send Pounds Sterling from Great Britain
Made out to: Istituto per le Opere di Religione. Città del Vaticano
Account NR: 4400204564383
At: National Westminster Bank PLC- Kings Cross House 200 Pentonville Road - London N 1 9HL
For: Casa Gen. Carmelitani Scalzi. Account N° 10009005.



Argentina - Nueve de Julio

From 5th to 9th March in Neuve de Julia City, Pcia, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, six communities belonging to the the Our Lady of Lucán Association began organized training with the first course of theological formation. This year they covered Christology with a plan drawn up by Dr Virginia Azcuy which was given over three week during the year. The first week was devoted to the Bible with Virginia Santamaría while St Joseph's Carmel in Nueve de Julio took charge of the organization. Taking part were 10 novices and two solemnly professed from the communities of La Pampa, Mar del Plata, Luján, San Nicolás, Neuquén and Nueve de Julio; also taking part were three solemnly professed sisters from the Nueve de Julio community.
The sisters ask prayers from everyone so that they can continue with this project and that it can bear fruit for our Order.


Ireland. Mary, Mother of the Church Association
With decree (Prot. Nº 2977/2003) dated 17th March 2003, the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life appointed for three years Fr VINCENT O'HARA, o.c.d. as Religious Assistant of Mary, Mother of the Church Association of monasteries of Discalced Carmelite Nuns in Ireland.
According to the Decree, the Role and function of the Assistant consist in assuring that the genuine spirit of the Order, dedicated entirely to contemplation, is preserved and grows; helped by the spirit of fraternal service in the progress of the Association, contributing to solid formation of novices and professed and collaborating in the solution of important financial problems.



Africa: New Foundation in Malawi
Sr. Benedicta, President of the English speaking Association of Africa writes:
« Now I am just back from Malawi: it was a most beautiful celebration, just intended to welcome the Sisters finally to Zomba Diocese. The Bishop has really done his best to make the Sisters known all over the Diocese and beyond, and to encourage the people to support them. The whole thing was very much inculturated and proved to be hours of rejoicing, dancing, with so many people, religious, all the Carmelite Family, about 75 priests for the Concelebration and 5 Bishops out of the 7 in Malawi, plus the Aposotlic Nuncio. About two-thirds of the buildings are ready and beautiful, the rest ­ the Church and the parlours ­ will take 2 to 3 months to be completed. The Sisters hope to have the Consecration of the Church, the Blessing of the house and the erection of the enclosure probably around the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. »

Wallis and Futuna. First monastery in these Pacific Ocean islands
With rescript (Prot. Nº 3156/2003) dated 31st March 2003, the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life granted to the Prioress of St Joseph's monastery in Apia, Samoa, permission to begin the foundation of a new monastery in the Islands of Wallis and Futuna in Oceania, with six solemnly nuns, two of whom come from the place.
This is the first monastery in this tiny country, overseas territory of France, which measures 256 sq kms, with a population of 15,000 of whom 14,192 are Catholics. There are 5 parishes with 7 diocesan priests and 3 religious priests. Religious number 40, to which can now be added the 6 Discalced Carmelite nuns, who wish to be a prayerful and contemplative presence in the diocese and, in this manner, efficient collaborators in the evangelization of this distant area of the Western world.


This year many monasteries celebrate various dates of their foundation, from 200 to 50 years. We give a list of these monasteries to which Communicationes unites praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for the life, graces and blessings he has given to these monasteries.

400 years (1603-2003)
Tarazona, Santa Ana, Spain 26th July
Lucena, Spain 24th December
350 years (1653-2003)
Quito, Carmen Alto, Ecuador 16th February
300 years (1703-2003)

Moncalieri, Italy 16th September
200 years (1803-2003)

Querétaro, Mexico 22nd April
150 years (1853 -2003)

Aire-sur-Adour, France 19th March
100 years (1903-2003)

Düren, Germany 24th August
Mexico,Tulyehualco, Mexico 15th September
50 years (1953-2003)

Basse Terre, Guadalupe 23rd January
Zamora, Spain 7th May
Kirkintilloch, Scotland 18th June
Valmadona, Italy 24th August
Elysburg, USA. 19th September
Bajawa, Indonesia 3rd December

Training for "Formators".
Last February, in the Tepatitlán Retreat House, was held the annual meeting for Formation for Formators organized by the Delegation and OCDS Provincial Council of the Mexican Province.

Centre West.-
The communities of the Central West region of Brazil ­ Goiânia and Brasilia ­ made a retreat which included a formation course from 14th to 16th February. Present were the OCDS Provincial president, Carlos Frederico Barboza de Souza, and the Provincial Delegate, Fr. Alzinir Debastiani. Topics discussed were lay life, Promises in the Secular Order and our apostolic commitment. During the meeting, two from the Goiânia Community made their first Promises.
North and North-East.-
The communities of the North and North-East regions met in Fortaliza from 15th to 16th March for the first meeting of Presidents and those in charge of Formation in these regions. These meetings have the purpose of discussing training for formators, and various matters concerning formation. This time they studied St Teresa's Way of Perfection and part of the Provincial Plan for Formation, giving emphasis to concrete problems of formation in Communities. Those present included the Provincial President, Carlos Frederico, the Provincial Delegate, Fr. Alzinir Debastiani and Fr. Patrício Sciadini.


In the Rome Vicariate the cause for Beatification of the married couple Ulisse Amendolaggine (1893-1969) and Lelia Cossdente (1893-1951) has been introduced. Cardinal Ruini's decree was signed on 15th July 2002. The Vice-Postulator is Dr. Luca Pasquale.
The event gives glory to Secular Carmel. The couple drew their spirituality from Carmel, living in the shadow of the Basilica of St Teresa of Avila in Rome. Ulisse was a member of Secular Carmel and Lelia belonged to the Carmelite Scapular Fraternity.
To celebrate their living contact with the Order, an evening to remember these parishioners, who are now candidates for the honours of the altar, was celebrated in St Teresa's Basilica on 19th March 2003, Feast of St Joseph, Patron of Carmel. The opening address of the Parish Priest, the first-hand testimony of people (particularly of their son Fr Raffaele Amendolaggine, a Discalced Carmelite) the reading out of some of their writings and the outstanding conference by the journalist and writer Dr. Angelo Montonati on the life and spirituality of the couple, gave a clear idea of their sanctity, so marked by the spirituality of Carmel in the world.


Spain. Salamanca Pontifical University

The inaugural address of the Chair of St Teresa of Jesus in the Salamanca Pontifical University took place on 24th March and was given by the Professor, Dr Jesús García Rojo, OCD. He chose as his topic "The spiritual journey of the person following St John of the Cross". The news was reported in the Osservatore Romano on 23rd March 2003 and set out in the program sent to us. The course will be held in the Graduate Hall of the University and will be directed by Professor Dr. Xabier Pikaza Ibarrondo. The topic of the the course is "Contemplation of love and universal communication. A reading of St John of the Cross".
The St Teresa of Jesus Chair, created by the Discalced Carmelite Provincials in Spain, is financed by them together with the General House of the Order in Rome. Taking care of the planning is the Avila International Centre for studies in Teresa and John of the Cross.
The objective of the Chair is to diffuse and make known the life and teaching of St Teresa of Jesus, St John of the Cross and the important figures in the Carmelite school of spirituality who were inspired by their works. Among these stand out Therese of the Child Jesus, St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity and others.


The Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites (OCDS) and the Carmelite Institute of Spirituality in Krakow (Poland) organised on 22nd March a scientific and pastoral session devoted to the issue of conferring upon St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Edith Stein, the title of Doctor of the Church. The session was entitled "St. Edith Stein ­ Doctor of the Church?"
Many guests from all over Poland took part in the session. The endeavours of other ecclesial groups were accompanied by the 3rd Provincial Congress of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites of Krakow Province, which in July 2000, during the celebration at Wawel Cathedral, asked the Holy See to bestow on the Saint the title of Doctor of the Church.
The session took place at the Carmelite Institute of Spirituality in Krakow and included the following lectures:
Fr Szczepan Praskiewicz, OCD, "Eminens Doctrina"
Prof. Anna Grzegorczy, A Woman of Light. The Issue of Truth and Feminism in the Writings of Edith Stein.
Rev. Manfred Deselaers, Edith Stein in the Perspective of Christian-Jewish Dialogue
The session was moderated by Dr Wodzimierz Tochmaski OCD (National Delegate of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites).

Click here to consult the catalogue of the Teresianum Library online!
Nogent-sur-Marne Monastery (France), Io dico sì all'Amore. Profilo spirituale di Suor Maria dello Spirito Santo. 1922-1967. Ed. Mimep-Docete - Padri Carmelitani, 2003. 319 p. (I say yes to Love. Spiritual Profile of Sr Maria of the Holy Spirit. 1922-1967)

Concenedo Monastery Il dono preziosissimo del patire. Giuseppina di Gesù Crocifisso. Ed. Mimep-Docete - Padri Carmelitani. 2003. 191 p. (The most precious gift of suffering. Josephine of Jesus Crucified)

Albani Angelo - Astrua Massimo, La vita di S. Giovanni della Croce. Ed. Mimep-Docete - Padri Carmelitani. 224 p. (The Life of St John of the Cross)

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Carmelitas Descalzas Tarazona. Historia de un Encuentro. IV Centenario. Zaragoza, 2003, pp. 62. (History of a Meeting. IV Centenary)
By this book, the Discalced Carmelite Nuns of St Ana Monastery in Tarazona, Spain, wished to record the IV centenary of their foundation by the Bishop Diego de Yepes, friend, confessor and editor of the works of holy mother Teresa. In brief chapters it gives a summary of their four-century history.

Federica Ribera. Santa Teresa a Massalubrense. Un monastero di clausura tra storia e restauro. Arte tipografica. Napoli. 2003. p. 176. (St Teresa at Massalubrense. A cloister monastery in the midst of history and restoration.)
The Massalubrense monastery of Discalced Carmelite nuns, in the Naples Province, was founded on 4th October 1673. It was the second of the seven foundations made by the famous Mother Seraphina of God (1621-1699). This year the monastery celebrates its 330th anniversary.

The authoress of the present work wanted to present in it a synthesis of the principal events of the community. Using the numerous documents existing in the monastery's rich archives, the work is enhanced by abundant photographs. The footnotes attract attention, and with the text, they give abundant historical details. As the present Prioress of the monastery notes, the book was written to make known "the artistic and cultural history of the ancient monastery of Massalubrense".

Camilo maccise. The Ways of the Lord. Claretian Publications, Philippines, 2003. Pp. 115. (Tel: +63 921 3984, Fax: +63 921 7429. Email Website
Address: U.P. P.O. Box 4 \ Dilliman \1101 Quezon City \ Philippines
This is the long-awaited English translation of the Retreat Conference given by Fr Camilo Maccise, as General of the Discalced Carmelites, to the community of the General House in Advent 1992. The brief meditations deal with "the ways of the Lord, God's style of accomplishing things"



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