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NEWSLETTER    << N°  46 >>   2005.07.01  
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Communicationes N. 46


We recall the 60th anniversary of P. Jacques of Jesus, (2nd June), who died as a result of his internment in Mauthausen concentration camp, in Austria. Lucien Bunel (1900-1945), was born in Paris. He took the Religious name Pere Jacques.  He was the head-teacher of our college in Avon (south of Paris), where he took in three Jewish boys during the war.  This was the reason why he was condemned to the Nazi concentration camps. The famous french film director, Louis Malle, made a film out of these events, entitled AAu revoir, les enfants!@

There were several ceremonies to mark the anniversary of this Carmelite, teacher, soldier, who strongly resisted the forces of evil, was deported and martyred for love. In Luxembourg Carmel, where Sr. Christiane Meres has just published a biography of Fr. Jacques, there was a get together, an exhibition of photos, and a testimony from one of Fr. Jacque=s old pupils, finishing with a prayer and a toast in his honour.

There was a conference in our Avon Priory, from 3rd - 5th June.  The central theme was: AResistence of the Spirit, yesterday and today@. Mgr. Jean Sleiman, ocd, Latin Archbishop of Baghdad presided at the concluding Eucharistic celebration.


The Priory was founded in 1998, and work was carried out to give it a capacity for ten people. The blessing of the new building took place on 21st May.  Together with the Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux, Pierre Pican, was Bishop Guy Gaucher, ocd, his auxiliary, and our Fr. General, together with Fr. Robert Paul, Definitor for France, the Paris Provincial, and other Provincials and Friars.  There was talk in the air of the desire to create there an Institute for Studies on Therese.

The following day, Sunday 22nd, there was a Meeting of the Carmelite family in France. It began with a Eucharist presided by Fr. General in the Carmelite chapel.  Also participating were members of the Secular Institute Notre Dame de Vie, Apostolic Carmelite Sisters of St Joseph, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Congregation, and representatives from the Secular Carmel... 


Bro. Isidore of the Nativity (1696-1769)

The closing session of the Ordinary Historical Inquiry into the life, virtues and reputation of holiness and miracles of Bro. Isidore of the Nativity (Giacomo Antonio Sciutto), 1696-1769, Discalced Carmelite was held in the Rome Diocesan Tribunal, on June 21. He founded the Congregation of Teresian Carmelites.  He was professed as a Brother in 1723 and was given the task of collecting alms from the people.  Seeing so much poverty he had an idea to help educate the poor, and gathered together well-disposed young people, teaching them about Teresian spirituality, and with them he opened no less than 18 schools in the territories belonging to the Vatican States. His spiritual daughters have never forgotten his holiness and in 1997 managed to open a Process of Beatification and Canonization. 

The Venerable John of Palafox and Mendoza (1600-1659) 

On June 24, 2005, the 405th anniversary of the birth of Ven. John of Palafox and Mendoza, the Diocesan Inquiry on the continuation of the reputation for Holiness and Miracles prepared in the Mexican Diocese of Puebla de los Angeles, was presented to the Congregation for Causes of the Saints (Vatican).  The Diocese petitioned the Congregation, following the Inquiry similarly carried out in Osma, Spain, in 2003.  This cause is being by processed by Fr. Ildefonso Moriones, the Postulator of our Order.


James McCaffrey, ocd. Captive Flames. A Biblical Reading of the Carmelite Saints. Dublin, Veritas Publications, 2005.  213 p.

The author in this book presents a compelling argument for the relevance of Carmelite spirituality and its scriptural basis. Focusing on five key figures he shows us how Carmelite spirituality, based on experience not theory, can lead to a fuller understanding of God=s love for all. Captive Flames, with its thought-provoking account of the influence of Mary, Mother of Carmel, on these five outstanding saints, offers essential insights and fresh observations for both the Carmelite scholar and the lay-reader alike. 

CHRISTIANE MERES, OCD. Petite vie du Père Jacques de Jésus, Lucien Bunel. Paris, Desclée de Brouwer, 2005. pp. 159.


With this present number, Communicationes will suspend its publication until further notice due to summer holidays in Europe. 
The Director, translators, webmaster...will be on holiday at various times, not all at the same time, hence the necessary suspension.  We will send you the next number of Communicationes when it will be published.
Have a good least, for those who are having one.


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